50W Solarfirst Solar Panel Module - SFSMBBBB50W

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  • High efficiency solar cells
  • Low iron tempered glass with anti-reflection coating and high transmission rate.
  • Aluminum frame: Easy to install.
  • Superior Multi-function junction box with water proof capabilities.
  • Long lifespan
  • Weather proof
  • Resistant to moisture and etching. Not affected by geology.
Maximum Power (Pm) 50W 50W 50W 50W 50W
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 22.4V 22.4V 22.4V 22.4V 22.4V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 3.02A 3.02A 3.02A 3.02A 3.02A
Maximum Power Current (Vmp) 18V 18V 18V 18V 18V
Power Tolerance 2.78A 2.78A 2.78A 2.78A 2.78A
Maximum System Voltage 0~+3% 0~+3% 0~+3% 0~+3% 0~+3%
Module Application DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V
Nominal Operating Temperature 45±2◦C 45±2◦C 45±2◦C 45±2◦C 45±2◦C
Operating Temperature -40◦C~ +85◦C -40◦C~ +85◦C -40◦C~ +85◦C -40◦C~ +85◦C -40◦C~ +85◦C
Dimension (mm) 540*670*30 540*670*30 540*670*30 540*670*30 540*670*30
Cell Technology MONO – Si MONO – Si MONO – Si MONO – Si MONO – Si