5,5KVA Hybrid Inverter With MPPT Charge Controller - SFHM5,5KVAGT

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  • Professional solution for off-grid solar system
  • 5 functions auto switch: DC-AC, AC bypass, AC charger, solar charger and UPS
  • Built -in MPPT solar charger
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Low power energy saving mode
  • Solar power mode and grid power mode auto switch
  • Built-in transfer switch and AC/DC circuit breaker
  • Advanced microprocessor control design
  • Input reversed polarity protection/UVP/OVP/OSP/OLP/OTP



Output Power 5500W
Surge Power 15000W
Frequency 50/60HZ (auto detect)
Efficiency 88%
Input Voltage 48V
Voltage Range/td> 10 ~ 16VDC/20~32VDC/40~64VDC
AC Range 95~127VAC 194~243VAC
DC Voltage Range 10~16V/20~32V/40~64V
DC Charge Current 0~65A
MPPT Controller| Max Charging Currency 60A
Weigh (KG) 8.7
Size(L*W*H) (mm) 448*295*122